We are very excited to announce the release of our new Homeschool Gradebook and Report Cards. With this set of new features you will be able to accurately track your child's progress throughout the year and view their progress in their report card at any time. You can quickly identify problem subjects so you can refocus your teaching efforts. The report card also gives you peace of mind as the months progress that your child is on the right track. The new gradebook allows you to easily see all the subjects your child is learning for the school year. The light colored cells are days of the week when the student is scheduled to learn that subject. You can click on a cell and rate the child's day. A negative rating will make the cell red, a positive rating will make it green, and a neutral rating will be yellow. At a glance you can quickly see how well your child is performing throughout the week.

Adding grades

When you click on a cell you can enter in information for the subject for the day. In this example we added 3 grades for the classwork that the child did that day. We can enter the grades as number correct, percentage, or a simple letter grade. Using this we can now track the child's progress for each class throughout the entire year and get an accurate assessment of their performance.

Using all the grading data you enter will allow us to generate a report card for your child. You can now see at any time how well the student is doing throughout the school year. We even break your school year into quarters to make it easier to see performance over time. You can use the report card any time throughout the year and use it to help identify subjects where your child needs more help. You don't have to enter grades for every subject. If you don't enter any grades, however, we can't calculate a report card for you. You can see this for Music in the image above.

We hope you find these new tools as useful as we do. If you have any questions or problems using any of them, please contact our customer support and we'll be happy to assist you.