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Homeschool Scheduler

Trying to schedule your homeschool year for multiple kids with each taking many different subjects can be a daunting task. It's easy to get overwhelmed or even lost when things aren't well organized. Keep your teaching organized and on track with our homeschool scheduler. It's never been easier to plan out your entire school year with assignments and lessons. Stop wondering what's on the agenda each day and be confident in knowing you've already scheduled everything.

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Homeschool Planner

Whether you're new to homeschooling or you're a seasoned homeschool veteran, it's important to plan out your homeschool days. We offer a comprehensive homeschool planner that will help you plan your entire year. Plan your assignments in advance, schedule your subjects, and track all your grades all in one place. Give your kids gold stars for exceptional days and track their progress throughout the year.

We recommend planning your school year first by identifying which subjects you are...

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We Reinvented the Gradebook

Teachers around the world are familiar with traditional gradebooks. They consist of a crude looking data grid and isn't the easiest to use. We decided to reinvent our own gradebook with the user in mind. The outcome is what we call our "simple gradebook". You can still access the classic gradebook if you need to add grades outside of the current week or for unscheduled subjects. Most of the time, however, you enter grades per day or per week and usually stick with the schedule. The simpl...

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My #1 Homeschool Mistake

There's plenty of mistakes to be made when you're homeschooling but one stands far above the rest as the main source of problems for my family. It's the biggest source of all sorts of problems and it's the one I have the most control over. The number one problem for us is: me not spending enough time with my children as they're learning.

I work at home and sometimes ( too often ) I get drawn into my work. My children are very independent learners and can do well even ...

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Overcoming Homeschool Doubts

From time to time, its healthy to reflect upon your decision to homeschool and reconsider whether its the best option for you. It's a normal thing for every parent to do because we are always looking out for the best interests of our children. There's certainly trade-offs to homeschool versus a traditional school but do the benefits still justify homeschooling? Am I doing my children a disservice in the long run by homeschooling them? Ultimately, everyone's answers to these self-doubt questio...

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Homeschool while Traveling

Homeschooling is already difficult but trying to homeschool while traveling presents its own unique challenges. We all end up traveling once in a while but what do you do with your homeschooling? With traditional schooling you would most likely wait until there's time off at school before traveling. However with homeschooling our options for traveling aren't limited by a traditional school schedule. Whether your traveling for just a few weeks or you have a nomadic lifestyle, homeschooling can...

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Homeschool Gradebook and Report Cards

We are very excited to announce the release of our new Homeschool Gradebook and Report Cards. With this set of new features you will be able to accurately track your child's progress throughout the year and view their progress in their report card at any time. You can quickly identify problem subjects so you can refocus your teaching efforts. The report card also gives you peace of mind as the months progress that your child is on the right track. The new gradebook allows you to easily see al...

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Harness Your Child's Motivation

There are few things more encouraging to a homeschool parent than to see your child actually interested in what they're learning. I am a strong proponent of scheduling our days and roughly sticking to the schedule throughout the week. Sure, the day to day grind of learning certain topics can be tedious but sticking to the schedule is important so you can cover all the material you need to cover throughout the year. That being said, however, it's also extremely important to be attentive and to...

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Fourth Grade Homeschool Curriculum for Advanced Children

The base fourth grade curriculum is typically focused on 4 core subjects: Math, Science Language Arts, and Social Studies. Some exceptional homeschool children will have already advanced well past their peers in certain subjects but may still struggle in others. In this article we will plan out a curriculum for our advanced fourth grader.

For third grade math we chose a practice book with tons of practice questions. It had no introductory material for any of the math so I had to teach ...

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Kindergarten Homeschool Schedule

Despite the limited curriculum requirements of a kindergartner, developing a reasonable homeschool schedule is more difficult than it seems. Kindergarten aged children generally have much shorter attention spans so any scheduling you do will need to be flexible.

First, if you're starting off building your schedule with workbooks, take the workbooks' page count and divide them by 40 weeks. This gives you an estimate of how many pages need to be completed per week in each workbook in ord...

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Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum

If you're like many homeschool parents, you are asking yourself "What does my 5 year old need to learn in kindergarten?" It's a broad topic with many competing opinions and teaching philosophies. In this article we cut to the core of what you ought to be teaching your child in kindergarten and how to approach developing your own homeschool curriculum and schedule.

In public school, children typically begin kindergarten around the age of five. At that age many children have already been...

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