Whether you're new to homeschooling or you're a seasoned homeschool veteran, it's important to plan out your homeschool days. We offer a comprehensive homeschool planner that will help you plan your entire year. Plan your assignments in advance, schedule your subjects, and track all your grades all in one place. Give your kids gold stars for exceptional days and track their progress throughout the year.

We recommend planning your school year first by identifying which subjects you are going to be covering. As you add your subjects you can specify which days of the week you'll be covering each subject. Spread your subjects out carefully throughout the week so you aren't trying to teach 20 different subjects on a single day.


Once you've added and scheduled your subjects you can start planning out your assignments for the year. You can specify the date for the assignment and even add file attachments for printouts and examples. Add as much information as you need so you revisit the assignment in the future without having to figure out what you were meaning when you added it. Be explicit with your instructions, add links to external sites, and attach files to help. OnoSchool makes homeschool planning simple and quick. Stay focused on teaching and let us help you plan your school year.