Teachers around the world are familiar with traditional gradebooks. They consist of a crude looking data grid and isn't the easiest to use. We decided to reinvent our own gradebook with the user in mind. The outcome is what we call our "simple gradebook". You can still access the classic gradebook if you need to add grades outside of the current week or for unscheduled subjects. Most of the time, however, you enter grades per day or per week and usually stick with the schedule. The simple gradebook provides a simple list of subjects you have scheduled per day. When you click on a subject, a window opens allowing you to enter the grade details. Once you save a grade for a subject, it's checked off in the list making it incredibly easy to see what subjects you still need to enter grades for. The simple gradebook saves you a lot of time when entering grades because it is much more intuitive and easier to use than the traditional gradebook.